My name is Marjan Clarie Meijer, aka mcmlove; I was born in the north of the Netherlands, worked as a journalist for more than 20 years covering all+everything possible with spearpoints worldpeace+healthy environment traveling around the world and started painting and drawing hearts in 1993.

That resulted in the 15 Talking Hearts, Heart Wear and oracle-deck FollowYourHeartcards to advocate Love around the world and thrue the internet to Get to know what Love really is; Who we are ourselves and Where we come from. I did a Walkabout in 1998, leaving Holland behind and got stuck at the Hungarian puszta (=Nothingness) where I live Stone Age style with access in this CyberSpaceAge to the Internet as well.

I work thrue my TV (Trauma verwerking=Working thrue all Trauma) and continue to search for likedminded all around the world to bring out the 'What =Real Love' message and SHARE and EXCHANGE to finally arriving again in this higher level of consciousness, an octave higher i would say, to REMEMBER and get all+everything IN TUNE again...



Sporen van 'Vergeten Volken'

Gigantische ontdekkingen bij Giza

Iby Duba - spirituele boodschap

Iby Duba - biografie


My Personal Website: MCM LOVE

The Talking Hearts : https://sites.google.com/site/mcmlove/heartart